Your Winning Casino Bonuses

Step into the world of Tsars and explore a world filled with adventure and mystery. Boost your gaming experience by claiming tons of rewards and bonuses. Who does not love bonuses? At Tsars, there are a lot of rewards waiting for you. Gather your courage and let the adventure begin!

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Your Welcome Package Bonus 

Start your journey with an amazing welcome pack from our team. It is actually a €2,000 welcome bonus with 200 free spins. 

What’s amazing about this bonus is that it is spread across four deposit bonuses. These are:

  • First Deposit Bonus- 100% match deposit bonus of up to €300 with 100 free spins 
  • Second Deposit Bonus- 50% match deposit bonus of up to €300 with 100 free spins 
  • Third Deposit Bonus- 25% match deposit bonus of up to €400 
  • Fourth Deposit Bonus- 25% match deposit bonus of up to €1,000 

The Wagering Requirements 

Before claiming your bonus rewards, here are the wagering requirements you need to know:

  • When claiming your first and second welcome bonuses, you need to wager 25 times. For the free spin bonus, you need to wager 35 times 
  • When claiming your third and fourth welcome bonuses, you need to wager 35 times
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The Weekend Reload Bonus

Have nothing to do on a weekend? Why don’t you play games at Tsars and claim your 30% weekend reload bonus of up to €300 and 30 free spins? Board your ship and set sail into the vast blue seas! 

To claim your weekend reload bonus, all you need to do is to log in on a weekend and make a deposit. Keep an eye out because there are a lot of gold coins to win! 

Note: The more you play, the bigger the match bonus 

The Wednesday Mystery Bonus 

Explore the vast mountains on a Wednesday night and win the mystery bonus! As a matter of fact, there are different bonuses every week. It can be free spins for new games, extra funds, or even a match deposit bonus. 

Your Daily Bonus 

What’s exciting about playing games at Tsars is that there are a lot of bonuses every day. These bonuses will definitely help your ship sail to victory! Play daily and have the chance to win free spins, super spins, and cashback bonuses! 

To claim your daily online casino bonuses, you need to make a deposit on any day, play a game, and claim your special surprise! 

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Claiming Your Bonuses 

To claim your casino bonuses and rewards you need to register an account. Creating an account at Tsars is as easy as your ABCs. All you need to do is to press the ‘Sign up’ button located at the top right corner of the page. 

You also need to provide an active email address, password, preferred currency, area code, and mobile number. After creating an account, deposit funds to your account. After completing the whole process, you are eligible to claim your bonus. 

Your Deposit and Free Spin Bonus 

The combination of any deposit and free spin rewards is already considered as one bonus. This simply means that the deposit bonus should be claimed together with the free spin bonus. 

A bonus can also come in terms of bonus funds, free spins, or even loyalty points. It is also not possible to separate a combined bonus. 

The Cashback Bonus 

If you have a cashback bonus, it will be automatically credited to your gaming account. You also do not need to press any activation button because it is automatically activated. However, cashback bonuses also have wagering requirements. 

The Recipient 

The bonuses and rewards should only be credited to one account only. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. It is also best to avoid cheating the bonus system so that your account won’t have any discrepancies.

The maximum withdrawal amount from a no deposit bonus should only be around €1,000 or other currency equivalents. If you are planning to withdraw more than the maximum withdrawal amount using a bonus reward, it will be kept by the management. 

In case of exceeding beyond the maximum betting limit, our system will automatically cut your bonus balance. It will be credited back to your account once you completed all of the wagering requirements.  

Cancelled Bonus 

It is not recommended to cancel any active bonus because your bonus money will disappear. This really rarely happens but if you wish to cancel your bonus but do not know how to, you can contact our 24/7 live chat support for more information about this.

The Forbidden Bonus Hunt 

Although claiming all of the available bonuses is tempting, it is not recommended to do a bonus hunt if you still have an active bonus. 

Bonus Hunt 

It is actually a term used to describe the act of collecting bonus features by opening and claiming a reward then closing it again without the intention of finishing the game. This action is prohibited because it may result in suspension or closure of your account.

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Everything You Need to Know About Wagering Requirements 

The word ‘wagering requirement’ is probably the most used term in every online casino site. Well, this is because it is the number of times you need to bet or play for you to withdraw your winnings. Before claiming any rewards and bonuses, you need to know the wagering requirements. 

For instance, if the wagering requirement is 25x, you need to bet 25 times. 

To claim your bonus, you need to deposit a minimum of €20 / $20 / ₽1300 / SEK 200 / AUD 30 / PLN 90 / 200 NOK / CAD 30 / DKK 150 / NZD 40. 

The Reason Why Wagering Requirements Exist 

It is undeniable that there are a lot of best online casino bonuses available in the market. However, you do not need to claim all of it. It is best to choose bonuses applicable to the games you play. 

Have you ever wondered why the majority of the casinos offer a lot of bonuses and rewards with wagering requirements? Well, it is basically to invite you to play the game. A welcome bonus pack also serves as a thank you gift from Tsars. 

The Difference Between a Cashable and Non-Cashable Bonus 

It might not be obvious but there are two kinds of bonuses. These are the cashable and non-cashable bonuses. The cashable bonus is the most popular type of bonus even if it has wager requirements. This is because you can withdraw your winnings. 

On the other hand, a non-cashable bonus is any bonus that you cannot cash out.  

The Difference Between a Regular Bonus and Cashback 

The regular bonus is basically the rewards you receive weekly, upon registration, or after logging in. On the other hand, a cashback bonus acts like insurance in case your money is lost during a transaction. It is also the ‘reimbursed money’ that is automatically credited to your account. 

For instance, if you lose €50, you will receive €25 back.

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Choosing the Best Online Casino

Before placing your bets, it is important to check if the site is licensed. Here are the other tips and tricks in choosing the best casino site: 

The Bonuses 

Always check the bonuses available and how frequent it is offered. It is best to choose a site with welcome and deposit match bonuses. Now that you know the different bonuses offered, it is also important to know when to use it. If you are lucky enough, there are some bonuses with little to no wagering requirements. 

Your Budget 

You also need to set a betting limit for yourself. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to set a betting allowance. This way, you can also track your wins and losses. 

Your Safety 

It is better to look for casino sites that guarantee your safety. Make sure that the site uses an SSL encryption or if they strictly follow the rules regarding your personal information. Tsars value and respect your privacy. Rest assured that all of the information you provided is safe with us. 

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Why Tsars?

Wondering why you should place your bets at Tsars? We offer amazing promotions! We also make sure that every player will receive the bonuses they deserve. 

Aside from the amazing bonuses and rewards, we also offer fast deposit and withdrawal transactions. Each withdrawal transaction here at Tsars is processed within 24 hours. We won’t let you wait for your winnings – you’ll get them right away!

With just a few simple clicks, you can place your bets on any of our hundreds of games!

What makes Tsars different from other casino sites? We offer extraordinary games that you will definitely enjoy. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of megaway slots, 3D slots, and live casino games.

We also have a game guide on how to play live casino games! 

Your Concerns 

If you have any questions, simply send a message to our support team and we’ll gladly help you. Our customer support is also available 24/7. Simply click the message icon at the bottom right part of our page.

Your Most Asked Questions 

Asking questions is better rather than risking your gaming account. We’re always here to help.

How do bonuses work?
Well, a bonus is actually your game booster. It increases your chances of winning because of the added funds and extra spins.
How many bonuses or rewards can I use?
Although we want you to use as many rewards as you can, you are only allowed to use one bonus at a time. Take it slow, have fun, and make the most out of your active bonus!
Can I win from free spins?
Yup, you can absolutely win using your free spins. This is because using free spins can increase your chances of winning!
How can I withdraw my bonus money?
You can withdraw your bonus money the same way you withdraw your winnings. For bonuses that you can’t withdraw, you can spend them on various games that Tsars offers!
How do I activate my bonus?
To activate your bonus, all you need to do is click the ‘Claim’ button. You can also proceed to the ‘Promotions’ tab found at the left side of the page.
Clicking the promotions tab will redirect you to the page where all of the available bonus packages are listed. These bonus packages are:

Welcome Bonus Package
Weekend Reload Bonus
Wednesday Mystery Bonus
Daily Bonus

Can I play the game for free?
Yes, you can play the game for free through the play for fun mode. It is basically a mode wherein you can play the game without placing any bets. However, all of the winnings made through the play for fun mode is not applicable for withdrawal.

The play for fun mode is basically the trial version of the game you want to play.

How to choose the best bonus to activate?
This depends on your gaming style. This is because some bonuses are best for those who love slot games while some are specifically made for live dealer games. You also need to watch out for the duration of your active bonus reward.
How do you recognize a good bonus offer?
A good bonus reward is usually given by a trusty and reliable site like Tsars. It is also recommended to look for the wagering requirements. This is to make sure that you can bet within your limits.
What happens if I did not follow the wagering requirements?
If you failed to meet the wagering requirements, you are not eligible to withdraw any of your bonus winnings. So, check and double check the wagering requirements of your activated bonus. On the other hand, if you completed all of the wagering requirements, you can easily withdraw your winnings.

What are you waiting for? Log in, choose the bonus you want to activate, play the game, have fun, and claim your winnings! Here at Tsars, limits go past the skies.

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