Testing Your Luck with Tsar’s Live Casino

Going to a casino is always great. It’s thrilling, fun, and it definitely beams with lots of prizes and bonuses. However, you can’t always go to a physical casino just to enjoy this feeling. 

Gladly, you may take part in a live dealer casino setting when you play with Tsars! There’s no need to visit the actual place to enjoy live casino games, you can still enjoy the same luxury even when you’re at home.

live casino

Experience an extraordinary adventure with Tsars where the limits go past the skies. With a myriad of games and live dealer bonuses, you can spend your time here with us and check out the different live games that we have in store for you. 

Simply click the ‘Games’ tab found at the top left part of our homepage and choose the ‘Live Casino’ section. You can find Tsars’ wide array of live casino games that you can try out. If you’re looking for a specific live casino game, use our search bar to find what you’re looking for! Here are some things you may want to know about our live casino section here at Tsars.

Our live casino games

Wondering what you can play first? As promised, we do have a great selection of games here with us. Aside from slots and table games, we also have live casino games that you can enjoy.

Once you’re online, you have the ability to take part in our live games without the fear of having to wait for a table to be emptied. Here, a spot is always available for you. With that, here are some of the live casino games we offer.

poker games


Dubbed as one of the most popular table games, poker has been well-loved by many players throughout the years. With its high stakes and exciting gameplay, players are dealt with two face-down cards (hole cards) and three community cards that they can use to win the game. 

Paired with several rounds of betting and bluffing, playing this game becomes more exciting as the results are rarely predictable. There are several variants of this game, so players have an opportunity to have more fun. 

Tsars offers Three Cards Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker, both from Evolution Gaming. If you’re new to poker, we have a game guide that you can read first to get familiar with it.

blackjack games


Also known as ‘Twenty-One’, Blackjack is a quick and fun game to play. The game is also known by other names but its primary goal is to have the cards’ value equal or close to 21. 

Here, players will be dealt with two cards each. Upon checking the values of the cards that they have at hand, players are given the option to stick with the cards that they have been dealt with or ask for another. However, the challenge that comes when asking for another card is the fact that they may bust over a total of 21. Try to beat the house and play any of our live Blackjack games!

live baccarat


In a nice game of baccarat, players are given three options on who to bet on – the player, the dealer, or the possibility of a tie. With the right gut feeling, players here at Tsars can be winners once they make the correct choice! 

In baccarat, the goal is to have the cards’ total value be equal or close to nine. Should the total value of the cards be higher than 9, then the value will be based on the last digit of the total (e.g 10 = 0 value). If the players have been dealt with good cards, then they can only wish that they have better cards than that of the banker’s.

live roulette games


One of the popular games that has been widely enjoyed when it comes to online casinos is the roulette. True enough, this game is really popular and fun to play. Unlike card games that have a few strategies to winning, roulette will mainly test your friendship with Lady Luck. 

To play the game, players will be asked to place their bets on where they think the ball will land. As the croupier announces the stoppage for the bets, players will then wait for the ball to stop so they can check if their predictions are correct. You should also take note that roulette has more than twenty betting options. This gives you more choices to test your luck. Should you wish to learn more about this, Tsars also has a game guide for roulette.

Our game providers 

Your favourite live casino games are made by the cutting edge providers that are at the top of their game. Tsars would like to give credit to some of these amazing game providers who developed these live games for you to enjoy. Take a look at some of these providers and learn a few facts about them.

evolution gaming logo

Evolution Gaming

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming has grown to be an impressive provider of online games. True enough, it is with their help that we are able to produce tons of amazing great live games here at Tsars. You can play blackjack, baccarat, poker, and roulette from this gaming giant.

authentic gaming logo

Authentic Gaming

Having operated in the gaming industry since 2015, Authentic Gaming is also one of our amazing providers. Known for specializing in roulette games, this provider also offers many variants that you can try out. Operating 24/7, roulette players will definitely have the chance to play anytime they want to.

lucky streak logo

Lucky Streak

Established in 2014, Lucky Streak is an Israel-based company that has contributed a lot to making our live casino games worthwhile. Merging innovation and style, players will have a great time playing Lucky Streak’s roulette, baccarat, and blackjack games.

Our gaming technology

Wondering how these providers made live casino games possible? Technology. 

Indeed, technology has paved the way for convenience even in things that we had already considered to be easy before. It also enabled the creation of online casinos including live games.

Apparently, what makes these live casinos possible is the existence of Optical Camera Recognition Technology. Every detail inside a gaming room is recorded. This also allows the possibility of live streams which players can enjoy with the help of a video link. Aside from that, this is also the same tech that enables players to place their bets through their computer screens. 

The amazing thing about this technology is that it captures all the actions that take place in the game and turns all the data into an electronic format. With that, online players can still embrace the full live playing experience even when they are simply at home.

Equipment used

Of course, this technology will not be made possible without the help of special equipment that can give the players a great feel of what they are playing. With that, here are the essential equipment that are used for live casino games.


To grasp the feeling of an online casino, people need to see it live. With that, live game broadcasts make use of special cameras that can focus on all of the details that will unfold during the game. 

There are the usual-sized cameras which allow players to see the dealers. Aside from that, there are also some smaller cameras which focus on the shuffling of cards, the spinning of the wheel, the distribution of hands, and other relevant details which the players need to see.

Monitor screens

Game providers also need to know what their players are seeing on their screens. With that, there are monitor screens to check what is being placed in the broadcast or not. Aside from the fact that it enables broadcasts to be smooth and organized, it also helps the dealer. 

The monitor is useful for the dealer to keep track of the bets that had been placed. In a similar manner, this also helps the dealer see the players who are online. Thus, this makes it easier for a dealer to answer some issues with the help of the live chat function.

Gaming Control Unit 

Despite being small in size, the GCU is what makes a live broadcast possible. Placed underneath the table, this unit deciphers the actions of the human dealer so that it can be encoded into useful data. Simply put, this is the most essential part of a live broadcast.

Game equipment

Some game equipment is needed in a specific live casino game. For example, a game of roulette will not be complete without the roulette wheel, a ball, and the table. In a similar manner, games of poker, blackjack, and baccarat will not be complete without a deck of cards.

roulette games

People needed

As much as technology is impressive, it still cannot function on its own. Behind a successful broadcast is a group of hardworking people. With that, let us give credit to the people who work hard in order for us to enjoy our favourite live casino games.

Dealers or croupiers 

Appointed by casinos or game providers, these people are essential to making the online renditions of the casino more realistic. With their knowledge on how to facilitate the game, they are the ones who face the camera and guide the players on how the game will be played. They are also the ones who answer the concerns that are being raised in the live chat.


An online casino will have no sense if there are no visuals. With that, cameramen are very important. Tasked to operate the cameras, they are responsible for giving the people the details that they need to see.

Information technology manager 

This person is tasked to oversee if the system for the broadcast is being used properly and that the technology being used runs smoothly. This person usually has a vast knowledge of computers so that he or she can translate it well to the other members of the team.

Pit boss

Even in an online setting, there is a pit boss who directs the other employees of the tasks that they need to do. They are also responsible for watching a few table games from time to time.

Advantages of playing live games online

Many people ended up loving live casino games after they’ve tried it. With its smooth gameplays and fast transactions, players will definitely be hooked to live casino games in an instant. So, if you’re wondering what advantages you can further expect, then check out the shortlist we had provided for you. 

It is interactive 

One thing about playing in an actual casino is the fact that you can interact with the other players and the dealer. In the online platform, you can also do that. With the help of functions such as live chat and live audio messaging, you can talk to the other players and the dealer on a real-time basis and not feel alone. 

It is real-time

The thing about the live dealer casino setting is that you’ll interact with real people in real time instead of computer-generated characters. With that, you won’t miss the full experience of playing in a casino even when you’re at home because of the dealers. In fact, you can even engage in some conversations with them. Plus, seeing the real-time flow of the game is as thrilling as it is when you’re in an actual casino. 

It has bonuses 

This might be one of the best things about live casino games. You can enjoy live dealer bonuses from any live game of your choice at Tsars. If you’re a new player, head on to the live casino section of the site and try out any game that you want. 

So, what are you waiting for? Test your luck in our live casino games here at Tsars, where sky-high is not enough!

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