Experiencing an Online Casino with Tsars!

Who says staying indoors is boring? There are a myriad of activities that you can do even when you’re just at home. One of those is playing your favourite online casino games with the help of your gadgets! 

In this casino online, Tsars will provide you with a multitude of games that you can enjoy. Aside from your own winnings and jackpot prizes, you’ll also receive a lot of amazing bonuses. Here at Tsars, limits always go past the skies. Have a quick glimpse of what you can enjoy when you play online casino with us!

slots games

Online slots 

Tsars boasts hundreds of online slot games. You can play your favourite slot games and try out some new ones as well because we have a lot to offer. The gameplay of online slots is easy to understand. The reels will spin and once they stop, the symbols need to match up in order for you to win. The charm of slot games is that it is more dependent on luck and random chance than an actual strategy.

Here are some things that you can expect from our online slots! 

Theme variety 

Here at Tsars, you can expect to see different themes of online slots. We can assure you that you will never get bored with the endless possibilities that we have in store for you. Depending on what you feel like playing, we can recommend that you try out different themes on different days to see what works best for your interests! 

With the myriad of slot themes out there, here are some themes you can start with: 

  • Fruits
  • Las Vegas
  • Ancient times  
  • Christmas 
  • Wild West 

Go treasure hunting and try out other themes aside from the ones listed above! Tsars offers hundreds of slot games with different themes because they are what make slot games entertaining. Jump from the Wild West themed-slots to a movie-themed one with no effort at all.

slots games

New games 

We have paired up with several game providers to make sure that your gaming experience will never be too repetitive. Aside from the fact that we offer lots of games that vary in their themes and payouts, we also prepare something new that you can look forward to! 

You’ll also have the first access to the latest games of our cutting edge providers. If you want to try a slot game in random, simply go to the ‘Tsars picks’ tab to see some of our recommendations.


Game providers 

Aside from theme choices, you can also play slot games by provider. Tsars have crowd-favourite slot games and many more. If you want to play the games of a specific game provider, you can use the filter option on our website. This way, you won’t have a hard time finding a slot game in a sea of hundreds. Here are just a few of our trusted game providers.

  • Yggdrasil 
  • Mr Slotty
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Lucky Streak 

Table games 

What’s an online casino if it doesn’t have table games, right? We have those here at Tsars! With the help of the latest game technology, you can now play table games online.

Our live casino section also features a wide range of table games so you can play with other players in real-time without having to leave your own home. Here are some of the table games which you may want to check out when you play here with us! 

poker games


Known as one of the most popular casino games, people have been drawn to this card game that can be played alongside other players and a dealer. Although there are many forms of poker, people seem to enjoy them all equally. 

HOW TO PLAY: The basic principles of the game allow its players to receive two face-down cards from the dealer upon placing their initial bets called the ante. These are called the hole cards. Then, the first round of betting takes place where players can call the big blind, raise, or fold. 

After this, three board cards will be turned (thus called the flop). Another betting round takes place as the board cards (or community cards) are flipped one at a time. To win the game, players would have to have the best poker hand combinations by associating the available community cards with the ones that they have at hand. 

So, if you’re used to playing poker in an actual physical setting, you won’t have to worry about having to adjust in the online setting of the game. Simply put, it remains very much the same except for the fact that you’re not sitting in the same table with the other players and the dealer.

Tsars also features different types of poker that you can try out. Hold’em Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker are some of the common variations. Want to try something new? Tsars also has Fruit Poker. Try it for free with our Play for Fun feature. To learn more about this popular table game, check out our page about poker!

roulette games


Another popular actual casino game, the roulette wheel itself somehow became a symbol of actual casinos. Like slot games, roulette also has a simple gameplay that anyone can quickly understand. This is also the reason why players are drawn to roulette games.

HOW TO PLAY: The game starts off with all the players placing their bets on where they think the ball would land once the wheel stops rolling. Once the dealer or the croupier rolls the ball and announces that no more bets are to be made, then everyone just watches in anticipation of the outcome of that round. Once the ball has landed on a certain number in the roulette wheel, the player with the most accurate bet wins. 

Although betting for an exact number may be a bit tough, the great thing about roulette is that it enables its players to make different types of bets. If you want to learn more about how to play this, check out our roulette page before the wheel starts spinning! 



Baccarat, another popular casino table game, is also offered here at Tsars! This simple game enables its players to win prizes with the help of luck and their gut feel. Provided with the chance to bet on the player, the dealer, or the chance of a tie, the right choice can lead you to amazing payouts! 

HOW TO PLAY: In this game, both the players and the banker will be dealt with two cards. For the player, both cards are faced up while for the banker, one card is dealt downwards. The goal of the game is to have the total value of the cards be closer to nine. If the value is a two-digit number (10 or higher), then the value will be based on the last digit. 

Should the value of the player’s card have a value of five or less, then he or she will be given another card. If not, then the player will stand by the cards that have been dealt and hope that the cards of the banker hold a lower value. 



Another popular table game we have here at Tsars is blackjack. Also known as ‘Twenty-One’, the main goal of the game is to have their cards equate to 21 and not go over it. Having been popular since World War I, there is no doubt that this game is interesting enough to attract players all over the world and continue its trend over the years. 
HOW TO PLAY: To play the game, both the players and the dealer will be dealt with two cards. If one of them has a ten-card and an ace-card (which can have the value of 1 or 11), then it will be an automatic natural blackjack win. If not, then the players can request for more cards one at a time in high hopes that they will not bust over the total of 21. If you didn’t reach 21, then your cards must at least have the value closest to that value in order to win.

Tsars’ live casino 

Aside from table games and slot games, we also offer live dealer games that you can find under the ‘Live Casino’ tab of our ‘Games’ section. Most of our live casino games are varieties of the table games mentioned above but Tsars also have other types of live games as well. Here are a few of them:

Deal or No Deal

Based on the popular TV game show, you can imagine yourself as the celebrity guest on this game as you test your luck by choosing your favourite briefcase. 

HOW TO PLAY: Choose your favourite briefcase or whatever briefcase which you think holds the biggest prize. Then, have the other briefcases opened one by one and hope that the biggest prizes are not inside them. Round after round, the banker will offer you certain amounts which you may get to bring home if you choose to ‘deal’ with him. Decline his offer and stand by your chosen briefcase as you say ‘no deal’ all the way, then you get to take home the amount inside your chosen briefcase. 


Your favourite board game can now be played online as well! Here, the much-loved family bonding game has been tweaked a little bit for its players to have fun and get lucky with the help of a spinning wheel instead of rolling a dice. 
HOW TO PLAY: To play the game, players will have to bet on where they think the wheel would stop. Similar to the board game, the spinning wheel also contains some bonuses and other features that lets its players have fun and dominate the game in a similar way to the classic board game.

live games

Perks of playing in online casinos

Aside from the fact that you don’t need to step out of the house in order to play, here are some other perks of playing in online casinos here with us at Tsars!

Fast transactions

Deposit in your account and withdraw your winnings whenever you wish to! Considering the fact that this is an online platform, you will expect that many other features have also been modernized. Tsars also accepts your deposits from different payment methods and currencies. Manage your transactions effortlessly with Tsars so you can have more time playing our games!

Another great thing about keeping your money online is that you may come back to it wherever and whenever you wish to play. We also won’t hold your winnings from you. Expect your withdrawal transactions to be done within 24 hours at Tsars. You can visit our ‘Payment Methods’ page to know more about deposits and withdrawals.

Exclusive deals 

By creating an account here with us, you will be given a lot of opportunities to enjoy free spins, other types bonuses, and other surprises that can all lead to a great overall playing experience. 

New players can enjoy a welcome package of €2000 and 200 free spins after signing-up. On the other hand, regular players can enjoy different types of special promotions like our daily bonus and Weekend reload bonus. Click the ‘Promotions’ tab at the top left corner of your screen to know more about these different offers.

Here at Tsars, expect for the limits to go past the skies. 

Mobility and 24/7 Support

Bring the casino wherever you go! Feel free to play our myriad of games anywhere you want. With an internet connection and a trusty gadget, you get to bring the casino with you. Tsars also has a 24/7 support chat that can help you with any concerns. Simply click the message symbol at the lower right corner of the page and a representative will be more than willing to address your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Rich for the skies and keep playing at Tsars!

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