Enjoying Free Spins with Tsars!

There is an undeniable thrill when you play at an online casino. Here at Tsars, our players also get excited about our amazing bonuses and rewards aside from the hundreds of games we offer. As a member of our community, you can always look forward to the possibility of casino free spins!

Who wouldn’t be interested in getting something for free, right? Like online casino free spins! You can easily get these bonuses every time you play any of our hundreds of slot games here at Tsars. With our free spins, you have a higher chance to land a winning pattern!

Now, let us take a closer look at the online casinos free spins we have here at Tsars where sky-high is not enough!

themed games

What are free spins?

Free spins are mostly used for slot games. These free spins will cost nothing on your bankroll as you use them on specific slot games in our site. Unlike our play for fun option, using our free spins will still get you prizes that you have earned in your game. 

It may sound like it’s too good to be true, but it’s definitely safe. Free spins is a type of bonus that most online casinos offer, same here at Tsars. By actively using this type of bonus, you can expect to win without dipping into your betting budget. So, if you’re wondering how you can earn these, visit our Promotions page to get the latest updates. 

Our promotions

Here at Tsars, we want to make sure that our players will have a great time. Most of the time, our free spins offer is included in our bonus packages. We have regular promotions set for our players, aside from special events that you can join! Get more free spins and spend them however you want here at Tsars.

Welcome pack: 200 free spins 

Enjoy a sweet and inviting welcome present when you sign up here with us! By simply creating an account, you’ll be able to claim some free spins that will come after you made your first two deposits at Tsars. 

Upon making your first deposit, you will be entitled to have 100% match deposit bonus of up to €300 plus 100 free spins. The fun doesn’t stop there. On your second deposit, you can claim another 100 free spins together with a 50% match deposit bonus, also amounting up to €300. Although there are no more free spins on your third and fourth deposits, you can still get to enjoy 40% and 25% match deposit bonuses respectively.

deposit bonuses

Daily bonus

Aside from the welcome bonus, we also have daily rewards that you can enjoy as a regular player of Tsars. Treating you as one of the stars of the skies, you will be entitled to special treasures that can help you out on your games.

Embark on your daily adventures and claim special surprises like free spins, super spins, or even cash-back! We’d like to keep you guessing on what your daily bonus would be here at Tsars. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to open the treasure chest yourself and find out what’s inside?

day bonuses

Wednesday mystery bonus 

Daily bonuses are exciting enough but we’re offering a lot more. Here at Tsars, we think that those daily bonuses are not enough for our regular adventurers! So, we came up with our Wednesday mystery bonus.  

The thing about this surprise is that no mystery bonus is the same. How often you play here at Tsars can also give you a chance of getting better, more jaw-dropping bonuses. If you like spending time here, expect to bag home some great prizes.

A Wednesday mystery bonus can be in the form of some free spins for brand new or classic slots, or extra balance funds. Normal wednesdays have never been this exciting.

Weekend reload 

Busy on Wednesdays? We also have something for those who love playing on weekends! With our weekend reload, players can claim more bonuses if they place a deposit during weekends. By doing so, you can enjoy our 30% weekend reload bonus of up to €300. Weekend reloads also means the possibility of free spins!

weekend bonuses

Appreciating online slots

Upon knowing what free spins are, you will know how much fun they can be on slot games. Although these free spins may not be used on all games, you will enjoy the designated games that we had in store for you. 

Slots can take you to another dimension or to another setting that will surely blow your mind. With a simple click on the lever, there is a great possibility of winning some amazing prizes. A popular game type in every online casino including Tsars, here are more things about slots! 

Usual slot themes

Themes keep the momentum and excitement in the slot game industry. With an easy gameplay, one of the reasons why slot games have withstood the test of time is theme variety. Here are some of the common slot themes you can expect. Check out some of these slot games at Tsars!

egypt slots


Used as a popular theme for movies, TV shows, and games, Ancient Egypt is definitely considered as an interesting theme. Also used as a common slot theme, players will enjoy themselves as they wander through pyramids, tombs, and lots of gold treasures! With this theme, players can imagine themselves as part of the ancient times. By playing with their chances, they may even be as lucky as a pharaoh afterwards! 

Here are some of our available Egyptian themed slots. 

  • Book of Gold: Double Chance
  • Dawn of Egypt
  • Queen of Treasure
  • Giza Infinity Reels 
  • Tomb of Nefertiti
myth slots


Whether it may be Norse or Greek mythology, slots are also a great way to fancy over the concept of gods, goddesses, as well as mythical creatures such as mermaids. With their enchanting powers and capabilities, players can only hope that the favour of the gods will be upon them as they spin their chosen slot. 

Here are some of our available mythology themed slots. 

  • Titan Thunder: Wrath of Hades
  • Rise of Athena 
  • Odin Infinity: Radial Reels
  • Rise of Olympus
  • Viking Gods: Thor and Loki
swee themed games


Players can also have a great time when they try their luck on the sweet-themed slots that we have here at Tsars. Whether it may be candies, fruits, or doughnuts, players can only expect to have a sweet playing experience when they hit the jackpot on these eye-candy games!

Here are some of our available sweet-themed slots. 

  • Donuts
  • Fruit Warp
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Jammin’ Jars
  • Sweet Success
magic slot games


With the help of slots, people can let the magic unfold in front of their own eyes. Players can enjoy great chances of winning as they click on the lever to pull off some magic tricks that can definitely be made by a simple spell or with a huff of smoke. 

Here are some of our available sweet-themed slots. 

  • Dragons and Magic 
  • Merlin’s Magic Mirror
  • Aladdin and the Sorcerer
  • Book of Magic
  • Witches Wild Brew

The technology behind slots 

Slot machines in actual casinos are operated with built-in hardware. You may be wondering how online slots manage to work in the same manner as actual slots even when they are just in our computer screens. 

With the help of technology, the same luxury of slots gaming can be enjoyed at home. Tsars’ slots are provided by cutting-edge game providers.

Online slots work with the help of a software called the Random Number Generator or RNG. With its help, online slots are able to create random sequences upon every spin of the reel. However, the randomization process does not just take place after the lever is pulled in the game. In fact, this software works non-stop, regardless if someone has pulled the lever or not. 

With that, it may easily be said that the randomization process is separated from the game itself even when they are seen to work together. RNG tech also gives everyone a fair chance to land winning patterns.

megaways slots

Advantages of playing online slots 

As we move to the online platform, we can only expect to have a more modernized gaming experience. Aside from it being accessible, here are some other advantages that you can enjoy once you switch to playing online slots. 

Lots of bonuses 

Indeed, there are many things that you can enjoy online compared to when you play in an actual casino. Like earlier stated, you can make use of free spins when you go to online casinos. Aside from that, there are also lots of other rewards that you can enjoy as you play further along. In fact, there are even some free games from time to time. 

Easy payment methods 

In the online platform, payments are easier to make. Unlike in actual casinos where transactions may be a bit difficult and may somehow take a long time, online transactions are more efficient and instant. Also, they are safer as they are kept in a digital wallet encrypted to your online account. 

Wide game selection

With the fact that these slot games are online, the selection tends to be wider because there is no limit to the possibilities that you can enjoy. Also, here at Tsars, you can enjoy even the latest game releases.

Understanding RTPs

Another great thing about slots is the ‘Return to Player’ or RTP. In any slot game, knowing the RTP percentage is very important as it determines the amount of money that will return to the player after a large number of spins. 

Although it is quite understandable that online slots tend to provide better chances of winning, knowing how to understand RTPs still remains to be important as you may have seen them in  the description of the games. 

High RTPs mean that you have a higher chance of receiving the money that you had played for quite a while. Meanwhile, low RTPs mean that the payback that you can have will be smaller than the amount that you had spent.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive when it comes to free spins.

How do I get free spins?
Aside from receiving it as a welcome bonus, you can also receive it as a part of our regular promotions as mentioned above. To have more chances of receiving this as your bonus, we suggest that you play more here with us.
Are there types of free spins?
Yes, generally speaking, there are several types of free spins. Some of these are sign-up bonuses, no deposit free spin bonuses, deposit free spin bonuses, and ongoing promotion free spins.
Are they convertible to cash?
Unfortunately, they are not. By giving out free spins, we want our players to have better opportunities by trying out our slot games. With the help of free spins, they will be able to enjoy our slot games without the need to wager anything.
Are they transferable?
No. Our free spins are not transferable. As we aim to give you the best playing experience, we look forward to having you enjoy the special gifts that we had prepared for you. Maximize these free spins by trying out all of our slot games!
If I win, can I get the prizes?
Definitely! The thing about using free spins is the fact that they are way too different from our fun mode. With our online casino free spins, you get to play the actual game without worrying about wagers. Whereas our play for fun mode just gives you a grasp of the game, you can actually withdraw your winnings from free spins!


Simply put, free spins are a great feature when it comes to online casinos. Which is why we include them in a lot of promotions here at Tsars. As much as they are easy to earn, they are also very fun to make use of. 

Try out your free spins right away here at Tsars!

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